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Palate Culinary Studio is a first of its kind international quality concept space and a state of the art island kitchen studio.

Celebrating 8 years of pioneering culinary training in India, it started with a mere five classes and now offers a repertoire of over 150 cooking and baking classes, cuisines and tutors to choose from. Each course is hands-on with as much stress on ingredient knowledge and sourcing as with technique.

Palate Culinary Studio offers multiple courses like One-Day Workshops, ABC of cooking, a certified Boutique Bakery Intensive Course, a UK-certified Culinary Course and the likes that serve as the stepping stone to all that is culinary. Each class teaches more than five recipes over 3 workstations - the industrial, a state if the art induction hob and lastly a regular state of the art glass finish hob so students get to experience all the cooking methods.

Palate Culinary Studio enjoys people from the age of 5 years to 80 year olds, people from all walks of life, from Mumbai as well as other cities and countries, home-chefs, amateurs, even professionals who come to learn from a large variety of cuisines under the umbrella of cooking / baking workshops.

We have also enjoyed the esteemed presence of a bunch of celebrities from the Bollywood industry who Chef Rakhee has taught for professional and mostly personal interests. Arjun Kapoor trained under Chef Rakhee for his latest release Ki and Ka, Kriti Sanon has been trained at Palate Culinary Studio for her upcoming movie in 2017, Malaika Arora Khan/ Yasmin karachiwala/ Mansi Joshi Roy/ Radhika Mukherjee (Singer Shaans wife)/ Rakshanda Khan/ Gauri Pradhan and a lot more stars step into Palate Culinary Studio to learn and improve their looking and baking skills from Chef Rakhee Vaswani.

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