Professional Courses

Bakery Intensive Course

Boutique Baking Intensive Certified course

Day 1 – Brioche, Pesto swirls &Herbed cheese Zoph

Day 2 – Mississippi mud Pie, Coffee filled Swiss roll

Day 3 – Apple pie with cheddar cheese crust, peanut butter apricot cups& cookie crumble Jar

Day 4 – Croissants, lemon curd & Danish pastry.

Day 5 – Florentines &Fudge cake

Day 6 - Bagels, Multi grain Bread, Harlequin bread.

Day 7 - Baked oreo chocolate cheese Cake,parmesan short bread & Scottish Short bread.

Day 8 – Puff, Mille Feuille, Cheese Straws, Volau vents.

Day 9 – Carrot tea time cake, Honey walnut squares.

Day 10 – stuffed rolls, Bread roll, Meringues, Crème patisserie.

Day 11 – test

Fondant 5 day

This is a 5 day course which covers all the basics of working with fondant

Day 1: You will learn all about fondant, how to Storing, Covering, colouring etc. On Day 1 learn how to cover a cake in fondant, how to make amazing swags, drapes, bows and frills. We will teach you how to use the skills you learn on day 1 to start decorating amazing cakes almost straight away.

Day 2: Learn fruits, vegetables and flowers. Learn simple techniques to create the most amazing 3D models and flowers and cutter flowers which you can then use to decorate a whole range of cakes. We will show you how the skills you learn today will help you create cakes and cupcakes which will make you proud. We show you how simple inexpensive kitchen tools can help – kiss goodbye to buying a load of expensive equipment!

Day 3: Learn how to make all kinds of animals from elephants to ants. You will make atleast 6 3D models. The skills you learn will help you to make your own safari cake, noahs ark cake, zoo cake, circus cake etc. we also show you how to convert your 3D skills to create 2D animals for cupcakes!To complete the themes we will show you how to make a lovely pond complete with ducks, fondant rocks, leaves etc.

Day 4: Learn how to make a beautiful bride and groom.we show you how to make a beautiful standing bride with her groom by her feet. With this technique we can adapt these figures to make other figures like a cricketer or a yoga girl etc. By the end of the day you will have the confindence to make your own 3D model !!

Day 5: Learn to put all the skills you have learnt to good use. Using the theme you have chosen in advance – a masterchef cake, a safari cake or a wedding cake, you will make your own 2 or 3 tier cake. Yes, we will ensure you are confindent enough to make even a wedding cake. Amaze your friends and family.but most of all amaze yourself!!!