Palate Culinary International Award Course

  • Austrain-Jam-Doughnuts
  • Chef-Saransh-and-Chef-Rakhee-Spaghetti-Moilee
  • Fish-in-Veloute-sauce
  • Hazelnut-Chocolate-Gooey-Tribute
  • Kneading-a-dough
  • Knife-Skills
  • Lamb-chops-in-Special-Basil-Sauce
  • Pindi-Chole-in-Indian-Cuisine-Session
  • Rolling-out-pasta
Austrain-Jam-Doughnuts1 Chef-Saransh-and-Chef-Rakhee-Spaghetti-Moilee2 Fish-in-Veloute-sauce3 Hazelnut-Chocolate-Gooey-Tribute4 Kneading-a-dough5 Knife-Skills6 Lamb-chops-in-Special-Basil-Sauce7 Pindi-Chole-in-Indian-Cuisine-Session8 Rolling-out-pasta9
Program Overview

Palate Culinary Studio has been authorized by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (a professional awarding body for qualifications in culinary arts) to be the first centre in India to provide a UK certified culinary Award course.

We prepare students like you for an entry-level career in the food service industry. We offer to fit your goals: an 80-hour practical and 10-hour theoretical study with hands-on direction and first hand experience in fundamental food preparation, traditional cuisines, modern culinary art and the basics of meat and poultry cookery.

We are focused entirely on teaching practical efficiency in our state-of-the-art cookery school which is encouraging and fun, whilst also ensuring our students develop the high levels of discipline as they are required to cook innovative dishes to the highest standards. We are focused on ensuring our graduates leaves us with a complete range of culinary capabilities which will enable them to adapt to any environment where food really matters, and to present themselves as well trained inspirational cooks, with exciting career prospects ahead of them.

About CTH

What is CTH?

The Foundation level program that introduces candidates at the range of food preparation and cooking techniques designed to provide a basis for a career in a professional kitchen.

The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is the UK's leading professional awarding body for qualifications in the specialist growing hospitality and tourism sector worldwide.

Over the last 30 years CTH has focused on developing and adding value to careers in the industry, globally. CTH was established in 1982 as a specialist professional body in the UK to focus on the training needs of new entrants to the hospitality and tourism industries, now has accredited colleges worldwide delivering sought after CTH qualification. They provide a ladder of progression for courses like Palate Culinary International Level 2 Award and their qualifications provide appropriate academic preparation for students to apply for entry onto their final year degree programs and Master programs. This route delivers well trained and qualified employees and leaders for the sector.
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Program Outline - What all we will teach

In our intensive 10-week Culinary Award course, you will be training for a mix of key techniques and recipes based around a traditional teaching method of Palate Culinary Studio as well as classic and modern food interpretation including fusions from different parts of the world. This course is designed for home cooks and food enthusiasts, where they will get to learn practical cookery skills and gain confidence in the kitchen. It has been especially created for those subject to limited time and resources to learn and improve new cooking techniques of international standards.

Fees - All details of payments and deadlines

Course fee is INR 2,00,000 (inclusive of taxes, knife set, Chef uniform and course material) which is to be paid 21 days prior to the commencement of the program. CTH Examination and Registration fees- £135 to be paid 3 weeks prior to the examination

Career Opportunities - All details

You will get to intern with the top restaurants of Mumbai, to name a few The Bar Stock Exchange, J.W Marriot, etc. In the teaching sphere, you will also be given an opportunity to intern with the next batch of Palate Culinary International Award Course Certificate and assist the chefs during the sessions. This course also helps food enthusiasts and amateur chefs embark on a journey of entrepreneurship and get consultancy on the same from our in-house faculty of top celebrity chefs.

To Apply

To apply send us an email on or call on 9820295221